Copyright Notice

It's hardly any secret that I find the concept of "Intellectual Property" (and "property" in general, frankly) quite detestable. In point of fact, I think all copyright laws ought to be stricken. Here, feel free to peruse some relevant resources.

Having said that, the purpose of this archive is to make these resources freely and easily accessible. Taking something available free of charge here, then turning around and selling it elsewhere would not only be a violation of copyright in most cases, but (more importantly) would also be a violation of the true spirit of the Internet. Most of the items found here are indeed under copyright. I didn't even bother to try to work out which ones aren't, so just assume that they all are and act accordingly. These resources are available to be freely treasured and shared by one and all, so don't be a dick and go trying to make money off of them, okay?

For what it's worth, this site itself is not a violation of copyright. See Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 108 of the U.S. code for details. Moreover, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (as nearly as I can make out) -- while acting to tighten copyright law generally -- actually expands the purview of libraries and archives slightly.