Robyn Hitchcock News Archive

What is it? A collection of news, reviews, features, and the like.

Where did they come from? Most of them were found on the Lexis-Nexis. Many were discovered on the "World Wide Web". Still others were (very painstakingly) typed in from original sources, as well as from three clippings collections: Haydn J. Mullineux's A Pox Upon The Media: Robyn Hitchcock Pressed, 1977-1997 and SpiFFing's The Golden Prince and The Golden Prince Rides Again.

Who were the heroes? Woj kindly allowed items to be extracted from the fegmania archives and from the Positive Vibrations archive. All hail Woj! Bayard Catron kindly allowed items to be extracted from the Glass Hotel Library, called upon his vast network of contacts to submit items, and added helpful display suggestions. All hail Bayard! Librarian Chris Gross made another pass through the Lexis-Nexis to cull additional items. All hail Chris! Jeme Brelin kindly allowed items to be extracted from fegmaniax!. All hail Jeme! Mark Pyotsky kindly allowed items to be extracted from the Robyn Hitchcock Club photos area. All hail Mark! A goodly number of items were spotted by the always-eagle-eyed fegs, and passed on to the fegmaniax mailing list. All hail the fegs!

Supposing the precise date for an item was not known? There are a few items labeled "undated". There are many items for which only the year or month of publication was known, and these are listed as such. For record reviews, the year of release of the record is listed. For gig reviews, the date of the gig is listed.

In what manner were they edited? For spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as to correct mistaken song and record titles (note that errors of fact were not corrected), and for stylistic uniformity. Also, items that were not exclusively related to Robyn Hitchcock were usually (though not always) pared of their non-Robyn content. Apologies to those of whom this last rubs the wrong way (but armed with the date, publication, author, and title one should easily be able to consult a nearby microfiche reading room to get at that excised review of the Sting album).

How to search? Use the topics index to ascertain which topics are housed within the archive. If searching on a topic precisely as listed doesn't return the desired result (or perhaps even if it does), try some likely variations ("French" rather than "France", for example). Note that, save for unrealised songs, Robyn Hitchcock discographical elements are not included in the topics index. Rest assured that these are nonetheless housed within the archive. For a complete listing of known Robyn Hitchcock songs and recordings, consult "The Asking Tree".

How is it best viewed? Because interfacing via frameset seemed the most logical solution, it's most easily navigable via the frameset. The no-frames option is fairly painless as well, though the indices will open the items in a new browser window.

How can I help? Feel free report bibliographical errors (or more specific bibliographic information where applicable), typos, spelling and grammar problems, bad links, & cetera. While a great deal of time and effort was expended in keeping these to a minimum one can surely imagine the difficulty in attempting to cleanly format, proofread, alphabetise, cross-index, and code such a large number of items. Send e-mail to any address you care to invent ("christ-a-roni", for example) c/o this domain name.

Note that the archive is no longer being updated.

Is there any legal mumbo-jumbo to worry about? Well, you can read the copyright notice if you like.

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