Robyn Hitchcock Glossary

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As always, all corrections, updates, notice of omissions, etc., are exceedingly welcome. Bayard Catron's Robyn Hitchcock chronology has lots of good personnel info as well.

RH-- Robyn Hitchcock solo. Sometimes another artist will have joined him onstage for a few numbers -- Deni Bonet and Tim Keegan being the most notable examples.

RHE-- Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians: Robyn, Andy Metcalfe, and Morris Windsor.
Additionally: Roger Jackson was The Egyptians' keyboardist for a while in the mid-80's; Chris Cox replaced Andy, who had taken ill, for the Egyptians' first American tour in '85 (and for no fewer than one gig in 1988); James Fletcher played saxophone with the band in its earliest incarnation; Sean Lyons played guitar on their tour of the UK in November, 1993; and Pete Buck joined them onstage quite frequently in the late-'80s.

SB-- The Soft Boys: Robyn, Andy, Morris, and Kimberley Rew. After September 7, 1979, The Soft Boys' lineup was Robyn, Morris, Kimberley, and Matthew Seligman. Jim Melton was a harmonica-player/percussionist/gofer with the group.
For the 1994 reunion gigs, Sean Lyons replaced Kimberley, who was "in the bath".
The October 17, 1992 show was a benefit for Medecins Sans Frontieres, with the proceeds targeted for Sarajevo. Robyn, Andy, Morris, Kimberley, Matthew, and Pete Buck all played.

DE-- Dennis And The Experts: Robyn, Andy, Morris, and Rob Lamb (Andy having replaced Matthew after two gigs). Rob Lamb quit the band on November 16, 1976. Re-named to "The Soft Boys" on November 27.

RA-- Robyn Hitchcock's Rock Armada: Robyn, Kimberley, Tim Keegan, Jake Kyle, Lindsay Jamison, Chris Anderson.

RH+-- Robyn Hitchcock, with other musicians joining in at some point during the show.

BHJ-- Bingo Hand Job: Michael Stipe as "Reverend Binky", Mike Mills as "Stinky", Bill Berry as "The Doc", Pete Buck as "Raoul", Peter Holsapple as "Spanish Charlie", Chickasaw Mudd Puppies as "Stump Monkey", Robyn Hitchcock as "Violet/Ophelia", Andy Metcalfe as "Ron", and Morris Windsor as "Elaine".

GLH-- Grant Lee Hitchcock: Robyn and Grant-Lee Phillips.

HB-- Robyn and Pete Buck.

HBM-- Robyn, Pete Buck, and Mike Mills.

HBS-- Robyn, Pete Buck, and Michael Stipe.

HC-- Robyn and Wayne Coyne.

HH-- Robyn and John Hegley.

HK-- Robyn and Jake Kyle.

HKK-- Robyn, Tim Keegan, and Jake Kyle.

HMe-- Robyn and Andy.

HMi-- Robyn and Mike Mills.

HR-- Robyn and Kimberley.

HW-- Robyn and Morris.

M5-- The Minus 5. Played on the radio in London, with Robyn as an honorary member. It was, that day: Scott McCaughey, Ken Stringfellow, and Robyn.

MW-- Andy and Morris.

NA-- Robyn Hitchcock And The New Apes. The name of Robyn's touring outfit circa 1981. Matthew played bass.

NC-- Nigel And The Crosses: Robyn, Andy, Morris, Pete Buck, Mike Mills, and Peter Holsapple. Add Billy Bragg and Glen Tillbrook for the May 28, 1989 show.

RM-- Robyn & The Mantras. A Robyn side-band during the Soft Boys days.

WCS-- Worse Case Scenario: Same linuep as Nigel And The Crosses, more or less.

YFF-- Robyn playing with the Young Fresh Fellows.

YLT-- Robyn playing with Yo La Tengo.

TRIB-- Robyn Hitchcock tribute show, performed by various artists.

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