The Hamilton Discography

The Hamilton Discography, compiled by Carolyn Hamilton, and typeset by Teddy Kilowatt Productions, is, despite being more than a decade out-of-date, my favourite Robyn discography. Quite comprehensive, yet readable, informative, and (dare I say it) sassy. It's also one of the very few discographies to give different versions of songs in its tracklistings.

It's presented here without permission from either Ms. Hamilton herself, or from Kilowatt. I'd love to ask permission, but can't figure out how to do so. If you or someone you know happen to be Ms. Hamilton, and there's a problem, I'll take it down. (On the other hand, if you or someone you know happen to be Ms. Hamilton, and can supply me with a fresh copy (mine's shamefully beaten up), or, better yet, an updated copy, that would be most delightful!)

Before you ask: yes, it's supposed to be that large. I think it looks cool that way. Each column should fit quite snugly in the horizontal. If it doesn't for you, consider viewing on a larger monitor.

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