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A note on the gradings: I have tried to be fair and consistent. (Though my ear has grown more strict over time, I think. One day, i'd like to go back and re-grade everything.) I grade on an absolute, rather than a relative scale. So, for example, if a first generation soundboard recording sounded exactly the same to my ears as a 666th generation audience recording, they'd get exactly the same grade. If there are two grades, that means there was a marked change in quality at some point in the tape. On tapes of varying quality, I tried to give an average grade. On videos, the first grade is for the video quality, the second grade is for the audio quality. Shows listed in boldface were recorded (usually, though not always, by me) with my trusty Sony D3, for those of you who prefer only to trade for masters. After February of '99, I upgraded my mics, if you care.

A note on timings: These are the lengths of the tapes, not the shows. Sometimes a song cuts off. Sometimes it fits just right. Sometimes there's some blank air at the end. Sometimes there's filler. I know some of you won't like that, but it's the best I'm willing to do. My masters will always contain filler, when applicable; but those tapes I receive in trade I generally ship out precisely as I've received them. If it's a very small number (i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc.), that means it's on CD-R, with the number indicating the number of CD-Rs. (The tapelist includes CD-R and DVD-R entries, but there's also a separate list for these.) All shows encompassing the {DVD and DVD} notation have been burnt onto one DVD-R. Tracks breaks are audible on these discs -- not as glaring as TAO CD-Rs, but noticeable all the same.

A note on shipping: I prefer to send cases and all, but it's no big deal one way or the other. However, please let me know if you don't intend to send cases. It's a real drag sending a whole bunch off, and not getting any back. Also, please make sure you seal the package up good. these new peel-off adhesive envelopes are very easy to open up, take stuff out of, and re-seal without anyone (save the recipient, of course) any the wiser. Finally, staples really annoy me. If you could find it in your heart to use tape instead, I'd be your friend.

A note on CD-R technology: I do now have full-time access to a so-called "CD-Burner". I am therefore happy to trade in CD-Rs. I'm not terribly interested in doing CD --> tape copies or tape --> CD copies, but could possibly be convinced one way or the other.

A note on tapes: Please use Maxell XLIIs. It really does make a difference.

A note on abbreviations: Not to insult anyone's intelligence, but there is a glossary for the variegated Robyn Hitchcock incarnations.

"What's with the asterisks? How much fuckin' sense does that make?" I just thought, given there are so many Robyn Hitchcock tapes to choose from, that I'd mark my personal favorites. 25% of the tapes get one star, and 10% get two stars. Whereas some of the one-stars might not be of the best sound quality, all of the two-stars are not only marvellllous shows, but superior sounding tapes as well.

A note on the setlists: Robyn Hitchcock, Dan Bern/Bernstein, and Sleater-Kinney setlists are all typed in. Other artists may be added in the future. (Hint: if you're looking for a certain song, venue, city, date, or some such like; it might be helpful to open the setlists page for the artist, and use the "Control-F" function.)

Corrections and additional info welcomed!

The list is updated infrequently. I'm not really interested in trading anymore, but will entertain suggestions. Send an e-mail to any address you care to invent ("beefsteak", for example) c/o this domain name.

On to the tapes!
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