Robyn Hitchcock Image Gallery

I originally had the idea to lift images from the "World Wide Web" and re-post them in more permanent form quite some time ago. Haven't been very disciplined in my scavenging, alas, and carelessly allowed some choice pickings to pass on by. Many of these are items I've scanned myself, and many are, indeed, purloined. If you have any images you'd like to see included, feel free to send them my way, and I'll try to get 'em added (space permitting). Cover art for most recordings can be viewed at The Museum Of Robyn Hitchcock. However, the 7-inchers have been duplicated here because the museum doesn't include back covers, doesn't include all 7-inchers, and hasn't used as high-quality scans. The museum has kindly granted permission to reproduce album artwork here. (Note that bootlegs and authorised releases have been intermingled.)

See The Glass Hotel's Flyers and Handbills page, the Fegmania! Archives, and the Robyn Hitchcock Club "Photos" section for yet more images.

The following very cool people have submitted images:


12-Inchers, LPs, CDs

Advertisements and Handbills

Drawings, Cartoons, Paintings



Images from A Middle Class Hero, by Luca Ferrari

Images from The Soft Boys 2001 Reunion Tour