Robyn Hitchcock Gigs

We are attempting to gather all known Robyn Hitchcock gigs, as well as Radio and TV appearances.

This list is most likely not devoid of errors and omissions, but we're pretty pleased with its accuracy. Many of the entries have indeed been verified by checking newspaper archives.

The list itself is a, sort of, "feeder" for the massive database known as "The Asking Tree" (located on Bayard Catron's Glass Hotel site) -- a wonderful tool bringing together songs, lyrics, discographical information, and live appearances. This list is updated more frequently than the database, so if you notice a discrepancy between the two, bear in mind that it's most likely not a mistake; rather, a matter of timing.

Here's how this list was created:

If you think you attended a concert that isn't listed here, or if you think we've got something wrong, you're probably correct! Please get in touch with either Bayard or woj, and let them know!

The list can be accessed in Frames or not: Gigs, Radio and TV, and Glossary.

There's also a page of Updates, which details the additions, changes, and deletions made to the list since it originally appeared "online" in 1998.